Readings by Psychic Jeter

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Counseling

Psychic Jeter offers private readings and consultations for clients by appointment.

Your private consultation is a safe space, where you will be surrounded by loving energy. Drawing upon her empathic intuition, Psychic Jeter (Carolee) will connect with her guides and the angels while using the cards to help answer your questions; always asking that God grant you the blessing of direction, insight and clarity for your life path, and bestow the gifts of peace of mind, reassurance and understanding, for your highest good.

You can now schedule an appointment for guided readings and spiritual counseling sessions with Psychic Jeter! Consultations are available by telephone (U.S. and Canada), or via Skype, where clients can utilize interactive chat, audio-only or two-way video. The choice is entirely yours.

Consultation Options

Psychic Jeter Skype Readings

Skype Skype Readings

When booking a Skype reading, we will ask for your Skype user name, and Carolee will ping you at the time of your appointment.

Psychic Jeter Phone Readings

Phone Phone Readings

When booking a Phone reading, we will ask for your contact number, and Carolee will call at the time of your appointment.

Reading Packages

15 Minute Reading (Skype or Phone)

Book a 15-minute private consultation with Psychic Jeter


30 Minute Reading (Skype or Phone)

Book a 30-minute private consultation with Psychic Jeter


45 Minute Reading (Skype or Phone)

Book a 45-minute private consultation with Psychic Jeter


60 Minute Reading (Skype or Phone)

Book a 60-minute private consultation with Psychic Jeter


When booking a reading package with Psychic Jeter, we will promptly contact you to discuss scheduling availability and confirm your appointment. Please let us know whether you prefer to have your reading through Skype or by telephone. Please note that phone readings are only available for clients in the United States and Canada, but Skype readings remain available to clients anywhere in the world. This is where clarity begins; and peace, for all who seek it.

Email Readings

One-Question Email Reading

For clients with one burning question, Psychic Jeter will perform a reading on the issue and send a detailed report by email.



Over the course of our many readings together over the years, Jeter provides such amazing accuracy in what she sees and feels. Her love and compassion for her clients is like nothing that I’ve seen, to the extent where she has become like family to me and my kids: giving us guidance, love, caring and compassion.

Jeter has helped us out more than you can imagine. Thank you from all of our hearts.

– F.H.

Thank you for providing this clarity that I so desperately needed, Jeter; the guidance imparted was exactly what I needed to receive in my time of need, and I am so very much appreciative of you.

– C.K.

Absolutely spot on, with a very deep understanding of what is going on in my situation.

Thank you so very much for helping me.

– D.S.

Jeter has guided me through some of my darkest hours, and has never given up on me; each consultation has not only given me hope for the future, but also granted me the ability to understand the perplexing and often confusing twists and turns. Carolee continues to be a light in my life, and for that, I will never be able to fully convey my depth of gratitude.

– B.L.

Jeter is, by far, one of the best psychic readers around. She is nothing short of amazing with her ability to predict time frames and events; but even beyond that, she has predicted so many outcomes that have come to pass for me, and she always delivers accurate information with honesty.

– J.J.

Fabulous readings, always!

Thank you for your insight, Jeter. You are the best.

– C.C.

Jeter is always so fast and straightforward. Thank you for providing me with the clarity that I needed. You’re amazing.

– M.D.


If you have any questions about booking a reading, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will get your message to Carolee (Psychic Jeter) right away.