Candles by Carolee

Dedicated Intention Candlelight Services


Psychic Jeter believes that the act of lighting a candle, infused with love and the setting of intentions, are a form of prayer, offered up to God as a petition to help manifest what we desire to create in our lives, while earnestly asking for the blessings of divine intervention, aid and assistance from the heavens above.

When Carolee performs a candle service, she pours her own energy and light into the work. Every candle is blessed and “dressed,” meaning that it has been anointed with a unique blend of herbs, oils and elements from nature, and personally crafted to focus on the specific intention for which the candle is being set.

Carolee uses her intuition and spiritual guidance when crafting candles on behalf of her clients. Blessing salt and sacred oils imported from the Holy Land, along with hand-selected herbs, elements from the Earth and consecrated water, are carefully blended and infused into the anointing of your candle. All candles are blessed in prayerful meditation before being lit.

For the first time, this exclusive service is being offered to the public, through my online store: Whispering Souls! Clients can now request a dedicated candle service for Carolee to prepare the candle and light it on her own consecrated altar, while joining you in prayer for the intention you seek to bring to the fullest fruition in your life. This form of candlelight work is always geared toward manifesting your highest good and best outcome.

Service Packages

Candle Services for Established Clients

If you are an established client and Psychic Jeter has recently read on the situation in question, there is no need to book a separate Candle Service Consultation, so please feel free to choose any of the candle service packages. Please note that there may be limited availability each lunar cycle due to altar space and existing demand.

Lunar Cycle Manifestation Candle Service


Booked through my online store at Whispering Souls.

This manifestation candle burns nightly for an entire lunar cycle from the new moon through the full moon.

Votive Candle Service


Booked through my online store at Whispering Souls.

This votive candle burns for about a full day in 1-2 lightings.

Chime Candle Service


Booked through my online store at Whispering Souls.

This chime candle burns for a few hours in one (1) lighting.

Candle Services for New Clients

If you are a new client or Psychic Jeter has not yet read on your situation, you must first book an appointment for a Candle Service Consultation, which includes a discounted intuitive reading, so that the candle work can be spiritually guided and customized directly for your needs.

Candle Service Consultation


Booked through my online store at Whispering Souls.

Discounted Reading for Candle Work

Candles for Purchase

NEW! For those who are looking to purchase trusted-source candles to light in their own homes.

We have a number of candles available for purchase through our online store, Whispering Souls.